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The International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) was inaugurated in September 2002 to help fill a gap in the international evaluation architecture.

IDEAS' mission is 'to advance and extend the practice of development evaluation by refining methods, strengthening capacity and expanding ownership', with a particular focus on developing and transitional economies.

IDEAS focuses on three major themes:

  • Enhancing Conceptual Thinking in Development Evaluation
  • Governance and Accountability for Development
  • Strengthening Development Evaluation Practice

IDEAS' strategy aims to promote and advance evaluation as a key tool for development effectiveness, transparency and accountability in policy-making, social and organisational learning. 

CLEAR: How to Manage, Design, and Conduct Impact Evaluations
Monday   19-May-14   09:00 AM
till: Friday   30-May-14   05:00 PM
Impact Evaluation Technical Course 2014
May 19-30, 2014
CLEAR-SHIPDET at the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center (AFDC), Shanghai, China
This technical course introduces impact evaluation as a key instrument for determining project/program effectiveness, informing policy development and improving program designs. It covers commonly used econometric and statistical methods to evaluate the impacts of social and other programs in developing countries. The course includes both experimental and quasi-experimental methods.
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Summer Programme Intensive training workshop
Monday   01-Sep-14   09:00 AM
till: Friday   12-Sep-14   05:00 PM
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation for Complex Development Programmes
Date: 1 - 12 September 2014
Location: Bologna, Italy
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Planification, suivi & evaluation participatifs
Monday   06-Oct-14   09:00 AM
till: Thursday   16-Oct-14   05:00 PM
Période de la formation: 06 - 16 octobre 2014
Date butoir NFP: 06 mai 2014
Date butoir: 25 août 2014
Lieu : Burkina Faso
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MS Word UNICEF Let us Learn 21 April 2014
Published: Wednesday   26-Mar-14
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Published: Thursday   27-Feb-14
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