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Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce that the IDEAS Code of Ethics has now been approved by the Board and has been made available to our membership and to the global development evaluation community.  It represents the culmination of the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers, drawn from the IDEAS membership, and led by Reinhard Skinner under the overall guidance of Linda Morra Imas.  Valuable contributions were made by Cristina Magro and Michele Tarsilla as well as group members Agnes Czimbalmos, Doha Abdelhamid, Christopher Mulaudzi, Eugene Gatari, Susan Tamondong, Karen Odhiambo, Bali Andriantseheno, Preethi de Silva, Romeo Santos, Noorullah Noori, and Temesgen Adele Desta.

What must be specially noted is that these are international guidelines developed by a multicultural evaluation group. They are the product of an intercultural dialogue that is historically significant in itself. Cultural values are profound in our lives and to have reached agreement on a set of ethical guidelines for the conduct of evaluation by evaluators representing 90 countries is truly worthy of our commendation. This is part of the value of IDEAS.

The IDEAS mission upholds core values and principles, which are intended to guide the behaviour of its members.  Whatever their role in a development evaluation process, IDEAS members are expected to display integrity, honesty, and respect.

The code of ethics provides guidelines to lead and support evaluators;  it also provides assurance to evaluation clients and the general public regarding the principles governing the conduct of professional international evaluators who are members of our organisation.  We hope that international development evaluators outside of our membership will also recognise its value and will subscribe to our Code of Ethics.

As with all of the documents produced by our workgroups, the Code of Ethics is intended to be a rich and living document, and it will be periodically revisited and revised.  We encourage IDEAS members to join us in this process of reflection and examination, and to contribute additional suggestions and examples from their own experience.

The Code of Ethics may be accessed on the website.  Click on Get Involved!  ->   Working Groups  ->  Ethics.  Alternatively, use the link provided below:

Best wishes,
Rob D van den Berg



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