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Dear friends,

The International Year of Evaluation 2015 is just around the corner. IDEAS has been asked by EvalPartners to be involved in the preparations. One important element is going to be a “Global Evaluation Agenda” for the period 2015-2020. This agenda should have a strong and crucial input from stakeholders. To achieve this, EvalPartners together with IDEAS and the UN Evaluation Group will start up an electronic stakeholder consultation on four important questions that we want to include in the global agenda.

To start this global consultation a webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 3, from 9:00am to 10:00am Eastern Standard Time (New York). Marco Segone, co-chair of EvalPartners, will chair the webinar and Deborah Rugg, chair of UNEG and I will participate. We will present the issues that need to be covered in the consultations and there will be a questions and answers session as well. I hope many IDEAS members will attend!

Right after the webinar the consultations will start in a LinkedIn group organized by EvalPartners. Each question will run for two weeks. The first question focuses on strategies that governments and parliaments may employ to make better use of evaluations. This consultation will be moderated by the UN Evaluation Group. The second question concerns the strategies of civil society organizations and voluntary professional organizations and will be moderated by EvalPartners.

IDEAS will moderate the third question, which will start four weeks after the webinar. Our Vice-President, Sue Tamondong has volunteered for this task! Many thanks to her for taking this on her shoulders. The third question is especially relevant to us, as it asks which strategies individual evaluators can and should employ to ensure high quality and useful evaluations. The last and fourth question concerns the enabling environment to ensure good evaluations – and it will be moderated by EvalPartners.

The Board would like to encourage IDEAS members to engage in all four questions and contribute in the LinkedIn group. This is our chance to influence a global consultation – and as a global association, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to a global agenda!

At the moment it is not yet completely clear how much time and effort would be required to moderate the discussion. I would like to appeal to IDEAS members who have a track record in moderating online discussions to help and support Sue. Please contact her or Jean Hilburn if you are interested in supporting this effort.

 Please join the webinar, or if you are not able to, have a look at our website for a link to the recorded version of the webinar, and success in contributing to the consultations!




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