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Dear friends,

We have just received the results of the recent elections for Board members. Let me congratulate the new Board members: Awny Amer Morsy,  Awuor Ponge and Debazou Y. Yantio! We look forward to working with you.

It is now also an appropriate time to thank the old Board members for all the work they have done. First of all we should thank Ray Rist for the many things he has undertaken and accomplished for IDEAS. When he started as President, the financial situation of IDEAS was difficult, to say the least. Together with the Treasurer, most recently Maureen Woodhouse, who has been re-elected in the Board, Ray has put IDEAS on a sound financial footing again. This provides a solid basis to work from for the future. The second achievement of Ray has certainly been the Global Assemblies that he organized in Johannesburg, in Amman and in Barbados. These have been great successes and they have led (or will lead in the case of Barbados) to influential publications. Last but not least, Ray has been a great motivator of IDEAS. We will remember his encouraging speeches and his invitations to members to become active participants in the various projects IDEAS has developed. We cannot thank him enough for his contributions to IDEAS.

Let me also thank the Board members who have left us in this election cycle: Nurul Alam, Florence Etta, and Ziad Moussa . Your contributions to IDEAS are very much appreciated and have helped to let IDEAS develop into the association it now is. I hope you all will remain engaged with IDEAS!
Now that we have a new Board, it is a good moment to move in the direction of engaging with all our members to discuss the future of IDEAS. Partly this future will be business as usual, and we will have to see how we can further strengthen this: working towards our fifth Global Assembly, providing fora and services to members and so on. Partly it should be new business, relevant to the times that we live in and providing an even stronger platform for IDEAS to engage with the global evaluation community. We have started up a discussion in the Board on the future and will engage with the membership in the coming months. But even before we do, we would like to invite you all to provide input in this. What topics and issues do you think IDEAS should address in the coming years? I would like to propose to start an “ideas for IDEAS inbox” – and this message introduces one. Do not hesitate to send your suggestions and ideas for the future of IDEAS to We will take them up in our discussions and come back to you at a later date.
Lastly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support of our work. The Board of IDEAS is looking forward to continue and expand cooperation and interaction with you to help our profession grow and prosper.

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